5 Reasons Professional Websites are better than landing pages

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5 Reasons Professional Websites are better than landing pages

There has been many statements devaluing the need for professional, traditional websites due to the intense growth of online marketing, click funnels, lead pages, and DIY culture. Statements claiming professional, traditional websites are “dead” or not needed are deceptive. Influencers and “Guru’s” who make these claims contribute to businesses lacking a credible web presence for their company and wasting money on temporary solutions.


“Doing things right the first time saves you time and money.”


Here are 5 reasons to have a traditional website over a landing page, lead page, or click funnel.

1. Professional websites provide BRAND CREDIBILITY.

Because of the age of information overflow, no one takes anything they read at face value. While, landing pages and click funnels may get the attention of a prospect customer, the customer will do some comparison between you and your competition. As a result, the customer’s money will go to the business who has the most professional and credible website. A professional web developer will design your website to win against competition while also building your brand credibility.

2. Attractive businesses, attract better business.

Qualified sales experts and marketers say that 70% of making a successful sale are because of the appeal of the presenter and the product. With the rise in do it yourself web building platforms, you may question the importance of hiring a professional. Nothing spells “crappy rookie business” more than a DIY website filled with glitches, disorganized layouts, and forbidden color combinations. Don’t let your marketing and branding efforts on landing pages go to waste because you chose a cheaper web design option if any.

3. Build a business that can has longevity and can be inherited.

A professional website provides a strong foundation and presence to those who you desire a business (not a side hustle) that has longevity, can be inherited (passed down), and attracts quality customers.


“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure.” – Gordon B. Hinckley


The same principle holds true for businesses. While there are short term alternatives to generating high sales leads and traffic like landing pages and Click Funnels, many will agree that a complimenting and long-term plan for generating traffic and converting sales still is a professional quality website. Time refines all things and so does a professional website when it comes to retaining loyal and repeat customers.

4. Solopreneurs and Online Hustlers use landing pages and click funnels.

These entrepreneurs have an “online business only” mindset. Many sell themselves as “experts” on what’s trendy at the moment and never find a long lasting niche to actually build a company because they become “trend hoppers”. This alone shows lack credibility.

The hype about landing pages and Click Funnels misleads businesses that have aspects of the brick and mortar business model into thinking they too can circumvent a quality website. As a result, sparing a few bucks for a professional to design a great website causes reliability and authenticity to be watered down.

5. Websites are primarily for companies and small to big businesses

Every website is unique depending on size, goal, and nature of the business. Furthermore, understanding the industry standard and needs of your customers for your business takes many years to master.


“Why gamble when you can hire numerous years of experience in a professional
web design company?”


The World Wide Web is a brutal place for businesses whose learning curve of operating online takes too long. Time is as important as money. To save money by wasting time trying to get it done, achieves nothing.

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