Easy Tips For Safe Web Browsing and Avoiding Hackers

Tips To Do Safe Web Browsing and Avoid Hackers

Easy Tips For Safe Web Browsing and Avoiding Hackers

Have you ever been hacked from browsing a website your thought was safe? Hackers are all over the internet. They could be in the website you’re browsing, or corrupt your website before you know it. So, how do you avoid being hacked and do safe web browsing?

“Hackers are breaking into the systems of companies, government agencies, and individuals… Poor security practices are partly to blame.” – The Week

Below are easy tips to be safe on the web and avoid hackers.

Protect Your Data

Online shopping or e-commerce websites are vulnerable to many social engineering tactics such as pop-ups, spam emails, and other fraudulent causes. An online seller is responsible for protecting the data the customer has provided, and it is also equally necessary to be aware to who you give your information to online. So, how do we know if we are doing safe web browsing?

Think and Look Before You Click and Submit

Before you give your personal information to a website you do not recognize, make sure the website is secure. You can do this by checking for two simple things.

SSL Security Certificate

Look at the URL of the website and check if it has “https“or only “http“, “s” means secure. SSL Certificates secures your data as its submitted to a website.. Before a company gets an SSL certificate, it has to go thru a validation. This helps ensure the company’s website follows current SSL certificate encryption standards.

Not Secure
Partically Secure
Fully Secure

Domain Check

Tricky as it may seem, hackers can use domain names similar to domains you recognize. To ensure you’re on the right website, look at the domain periodically while browsing. If you receive an unusual message asking you to click a unusual link and promising unbelievable offers, exit the website. 

Never be a victim on the web because you’re in a rush to purchase online. Remember, these simple tips while browsing the web.


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