Internet Security: Things To Do To Protect Your Business and Personal Info

Internet Security: Protect Your Business and Personal Data

Internet Security: Things To Do To Protect Your Business and Personal Info

The internet is a wonderful tool perfect for business, customers, and hackers. Yes, you read it right – hackers. Hackers are your greatest enemy and should be treated as such. They are your enemy if you are a business owner or a customer because the data you provide online is open access for anyone to see, unless you are protected. Internet security is often overlooked in entrepreneurship and new businesses.

“Safety starts with awareness. Awareness starts with you.”

We enjoy educating you on how to stay protected and secure in your personal and business life. As a result, here are a few Dos and Don’ts to prevent security issues arising in your future.


Risk: Virus, Malware, Trojan, Worms, Spyware


  • Download data from unknown sources
  • Visit secure sites out of curiosity or URLs from unknown people
  • Illegal software programs


  • Visit only trusted websites
  • Install licensed Anti-virus and Firewall
  • Be careful in providing personal information
  • Backup your system and data, store it securely


Risk: Virus, Spam mail, Junk mail


  • Open email attachments from unknown sender/sources
  • Reply to junk or hoax messages
  • Click on links


  • Scan email attachments for viruses
  • Use email filtering
  • Only provide your email to people you know

Online Shopping

Risk: Identity Theft


  • Make any e-shopping transactions using a public computer
  • Visit untrusted sites
  • Share your IDs and passwords with others


  • Use trustworthy sites
  • Check for SSL certificate
  • Use a strong password and change it regularly
  • Log out every after shopping transactions online
  • Use different passwords for every bank accounts

Be aware in every situation and protect your business from people who want it. Keep your software and systems updated on a regular to limit access to hackers and use strong passwords. Trust is vital and make sure you visit only trust websites. When in doubt, exit the website or ask a professional. This serves as a guide to help you. 

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