WordPress Basics: What is the difference between Pages and Posts?

WordPress Page vs Post

WordPress Basics: What is the difference between Pages and Posts?

WordPress lets users update content with a user-friendly interface. WordPress is a Content Management System and helps users blog and make simple updates to the site without the use of code. Every website contains numerous web pages. One of these pages are the blog page, unless you decide not to have one. WordPress automatically sets the homepage as a blog page with an example post.

What is the difference between page and post?

WordPress has two posting methods that users often get confused, Page vs Post. As a result, we’re going to explain the difference between the two.


Pages are static. Think of constant, unchanging when you think of a static page. Page examples include Home Page, About Page, Services Page, etc. According to, “Once you publish them, they stay put. They’re handy for timeless content, like an About or Contact Me section. This stuff probably isn’t going to change very often, and you want your visitors to be able to access it easily no matter where they are on your site. Your pages are displayed in a menu somewhere on your blog that’s always visible (usually up near your header or in a sidebar), so people can explore your site with ease.”


Your website’s blog page automatically lists different individual posts added by you. Posts can be categorized depending on its topic. It also has a date where you can narrow down your list. If you often post blogs, the most recent comes first on that page. Your web designer will help you by developing categories. The page design will depend on the number of blog post you create. If you decide to put up less post, there is a simple control in the admin area. Your designer can help you with this also.

Each post can be searched through search engines. On a website, it can be under Archive Posts, Older Posts, or Categories. Be clear when you update your site whether it is a Page or a Post.

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